The Management and Consultant Team at FCS have been responsible for the publication of numerous whitepapers on the subjects that pertain to Electronic Discovery.  Below is a sampling. (To view the documents below you must have Adobe Acrobat.))

A Review of E-Discovery Stategies

By K.J. Kuchta, CPP, CFE 
CEO and Founder of FCS

Developing an effective strategy continues to be a cornerstone for effective electronic discovery. This paper examines several common strategies and analyzes the pros and cons of each.

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Avoiding an E-Discovery Odyssey

By Roland Bernier, Esq.
ESI Consultant for FCS

This article first appeared in the Northern Kentucky Law Review, Volume 36 Number 4 (Summer 2009). E-discovery has been the impetus for the emergence of a growing body of literature...

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Understanding ESI Technology and Workflows

By Mark Walker
ESI Consultant for FCS

What we as E-discovery professionals must realize is that we are in the midst of great transition, brought on by the advent of powerful yet inexpensive computers and global connectivity. Data is everywhere. Evidence is data.

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Winning Ways - From The American Lawyer (2005)

By Amy Kolz
For The American Lawyer

On June 17, 2004, MICHAEL DEMANE, THE PRESIDENT of Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Inc., testified in a Memphis courtroom that he couldn’t recall receiving a 2001 spreadsheet. Wrong answer. DeMane was a key witness in a patent suit between Medtronic and inventor Dr. Gary Michelson.

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